Bad Social Skills = Mad Religious People


I enjoy people who are religious because they are a complete contrast of me, they are in a way my opposite. If it’s true what they say that “Opposites Attract” then I’ll end up marrying a nice religious girl that wants to call Christmas CHRISTmas. But I have doubts about that.

Because I can’t talk to them properly, I realized this last night. I worked with a co worker who is very religious and the more I was aware the more I fucked up. I kept saying stuff like ‘God Dammit’ or when she told me she liked our mean manager I said something along the lines of.

“For a religious person it’s pretty interesting to hear you like the devil.”

– Nearly(Stupid)Wes

I blame my social ineptness, like I don’t try to be disrespectful towards religion. Honestly I don’t, I actually enjoy religion in it’s simplest manner before everyone twists it and turns it into something unrecognizable.

On here, talking to you all it’s much easier because I can reread what I type and go, “No, that sounds rude Wes REWRITE IT!” and then all is well. You’re happy, I’m happy, God is happy because I didn’t insult him or use his name in vain.


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