Lets Throw Fireballs At Burning Building’s

If there is one thing that the human race is good at then it would be making mistakes. One of which I found to be this video.

I’m not even a Trump supporter, I surely don’t believe a businessman is the right fit for The White House, but what is this video doing? To the creators they would like to believe it’s a hilarious way of getting a point a crossed.

It made me laugh, but probably not in the way they expected it to. I was baffled at the disturbing situation I was watching. It’s like that nervous laughter you portray in front of family members because you know you shouldn’t be laughing. We all curse and honestly kids do a lot of it because they think it’s fun, I know from first hand experience. To broadcast kids doing so in such a disgusting way, well that’s a different planet entirely.

Fear makes us do and say stupid things, and that’s exactly what’s around illegal immigrants necks right now. An air stealing, suffocating fear of being thrown out of a place you’ve built a home in. In a way I guess I can understand the video, it’s easy to see it was done poorly though. I mean they talk about the 14th amendment and then talk about him disregarding the Bill of Rights, even though the 14th amendment isn’t in it.

“You can’t fight fire with fire, nothing good ever comes out of it”

– Every Fireman Ever.

One can only hope that it is all just a joke, but then the cute little girl says the word dick and you throw your hands up and walk away.

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