Forest Memories


When I was a kid I used to get lost in the woods for hours that were connected to the neighborhood I grew up in. I still remember vividly the types of different places they my friends and I would find. This was certainly before the days of the common cell phone, before every family member and their pets owned one. I once found a barn that was claimed to be haunted by an older sibling of one of my friends. At the time I believed it to be true, I was a kid after all.

That barn was creepy, if it wasn’t haunted by people it was surely haunted by termites.

I also found a warehouse full of various holiday decorations from a wide range of religions. I found it to be one of my more impressive finds as a kid, like this warehouse didn’t give a crap what you believed in it’ll store your stuff no matter what. It was trickier to get into than I would have liked, I kicked the door in, yea I know ‘VANDALISM WES!!’ I like to think of it as more ‘Exploring’ like Dora except without all the question about what to do.

People who watch my show will be like ‘GO RIGHT!’ and I’ll be like ‘I’m going left.’ and they’ll all put their hands up and stop caring. (BECAUSE I’M A MAN AND I DON’T NEED NO DIRECTIONS!) *Unless you’re a GPS

Those woods were the setting for many of my memories as a child, I recall them now and again. It’s nice to remember the good times, I’m having quite a lot of fun remembering all the silly things I used to do.

Then there are those memories that make me cringe and go ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!’ Both types of memories though shaped who I am today, at the moment in my life I find that to be a good thing. I like the person I am now.

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