A walk to remember

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A friend came home today asking if I’d like to go on a walk with him, then this happened:
Me: No, if you want to go somewhere we can take the bus
Friend: I just want to walk, to keep fit.
Me: Why don’t you walk on the treadmill in AC? It tells you the number of calories you’ve burnt.
Friend: A treadmill is a simulated environment, it doesn’t give you the fun of walking outdoors. Besides, it’s so nice outside.
Me *grudgingly tugging myself behind him, cursing my mum for forcing me into this ‘walk’*
Friend: Cheer up! Look at the scenery. Doesn’t it make you introspective? Dubai has changed so much.
Me  *looking at scenery*: * flowers-buildings-flowers-buildings-flowers-flowers-flowers-MALL* Let’s walk in the mall. It’s the biggest mall in the world, that’s a lot of walking space. Also, carrying the shopping bags around will be good weight training.
Friend: Don’t…

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