Anyone Have A Twenty?

I am at 280 followers, and that is pretty amazing, like 280 is my new favorite number and everything.

But does anyone have like 20 followers they can send my way? Like I promise to feed them and water them. Other followers will hear stories of these twenty followers and be jealous. They will come from all over the land to follow my blog and I will feed and water them the same resulting in the end of WORLD HUNGER!!!!!!

So when I ask you to help me get 20 more followers I’m really asking you to help me end world hunger.

Do you not want that? Do you not want me to end world hunger?

That’s really selfish.

14 thoughts on “Anyone Have A Twenty?

  1. Reblogged this on Books, Music, Photography, & Movies and commented:
    All Wes needs is 20 followers! Can you please help him! He is doing it for the sake of ‘World Peace’…no no.. I guess it was ‘World Hunger’ (sorry had a Miss Congeniality moment there 😉
    Jokes apart, he is a great guy to follow and very funny too! Check out his blog without fail.

  2. Well, I am nowhere near your number…that number is mind boggling for me. But I feel like you will always make my day…or week. So I gave you a follow. No pressure 🙂

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