I wonder if the creatures of the sea feel like their flying, or that they know what they do is swim. Swimming to me is one of those indescribable feelings, whenever I find my self in a pool I probably look like a kid. I’ll sink my hand into it and watch as the water warps around my hand, I’ll rest my hand on top of the water and look at the H2O hand print I created.

I’ve always had a fear of the sea though, more specifically the creatures within it. Scientists have yet to explore the whole depths of the oceans on out planet, like imagine if Whales decided their best evolutionary choice was to grow legs and breath air. WE WOULD BE SCREWED!

Imagine if instead of Sharknado it was Whalenado, shit would get real.

o.o Shit would get super real.


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6 thoughts on “SoCS – A WALKING WHALE

  1. hmmm…in my opinion flying is way easier than swimming. If you have an airplane that is 🙂 I failed my level 1 swimming test when I was 8 and am definitely convinced that I would sink like a rock if I got stuck in any significant amount of water!

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