That Day Shall Be My Death

I blame everything bad that happened on Friday on the fact that it was the 13th.

  1. I dropped milk on the ground.
  2. I dropped coffee beans on the ground.
  3. I got my sleeve wet in the sink. (worst out of it all)
  4. I had a customer bitch at me because we didn’t have a certain type of donut.
  5. A customer came in five minutes before close.
  6. I almost hit another god damn deer on my way home.
  7. Saw my ex at walmart, she smiled awkwardly, I pretended to disappear…it was good fun.
  8. I stepped in a puddle.
  9. I got attacked by a fox.
  10. I then tripped and hit my head on a rock resulting in my demise.

Ok so everything except the last two things happened, but I was so close to 10 I just wanted to make it.


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