Dirty Room Amnesia


I clean my room, I swear this isn’t a joke.

HEY! Stop laughing!

I clean my room, but then like magic it gets dirty again. I know it’s all my own doing, unless some evil leprechaun is coming into my room and fucking with the place. *Sets up pot of gold trap* Are you able to be raciest against a none existent species?

That is a topic for another time people, WE HAVE TO FOCUS!

Do you ever get that feeling that your room gets dirty without your knowledge? Like one day it just becomes catastrophic and you sit there wondering “How did it come to this?”

I do…I certainly do.

10 thoughts on “Dirty Room Amnesia

  1. I was just thinking of it when I woke up today. I have got a guest coming and I keep thinking that I should clean at least one room and wish that by magic my thoughts would be more than enough to clean the room! Doesn’t seem to happen! (sigh) For some reason, I thought I cleaned that room only a week before!

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