Jumbled Eye Exam

Someone is going to take offense to this. I am not trying to be offense I am honestly curious on how this works. If anyone with dyslexia reads this then please give me an answer.

How do you tell if a person with dyslexia needs glasses? Because the eye exam is done by letters, or at least that is what it is for me. If you have dyslexia wouldn’t those letters just get jumbled up?

Do you bypass most of the exam and go straight to where they put lenses in front of your eyes and ask “Does this look better? or this?”

See I don’t like eye exam, I feel as though they are a tremendous amount of pressure on my shoulders. I mean my answers to the doctors questions are critical to what glasses I am given. What if I panic and say yes to one of the questions I should have said no to? Then what happens, do I just walk around the world with glasses that aren’t perfect? Do I live with a headache forever? If you’ve ever worn glasses that were not your prescription, you would know that it’s an instant headache.


3 thoughts on “Jumbled Eye Exam

  1. That’s an interesting question. I don’t have dyslexia, so I wouldn’t know. However, I do often have problems with the “Is this better?” question – many times both lenses are nearly identical, so how do I pick? And some days my sight is better than others, so what if I have the eye exam on a “good” day and then get glasses that aren’t sufficient for “bad” days?

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