Like A Desert

You ever have those days where you wanna write something, but you just can’t figure out what to say. I mean someday’s you just have brain farts right. Sometimes though you can use that brain fart to talk about how much brain farts suck (and smell). Then you create a black hole and everything gets sucked up inside of it and you sit there like “Oh shit, maybe I shouldn’t have wrote that.” But you know what! Screw it! Were gonna talk about it.

There are days where I wake up with nothing to write, but a bucket load of enthusiasm that I could use. Like the universe is giving me all this potential but my mind like “Yea…I have better things to do. LIKE STARE AT THIS WALL!”

Oh mind, you bastard.

It’s one of the most annoying things that can really happen to anyone who loves to write. I try to take up this time by reading hoping to send some inspiration to me.

I try to come on everyday with just a random jumble of stuff to talk about, whether it be work related stuff or just simple rambles of randomness. I always try to produce something to entertain you all, I enjoy brightening up all of your days. I blame my brain, and some people are probably like “But Wes, you’re brain is part of you.”

You just don’t understand, there are days where I feel like my brain is a separate entity entirely. We’re sometimes in a staring contest with each other on who will blink first. Will I give up and not post that day, or will the douche bag cough up something blog worthy. I like to think the latter happens more than the former.

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