Nearly Less of Wes

It’s a working title guys, don’t judge me!

So recently I’ve fallen off the damn wagon, I’ve gain a little bit more weight, with the holidays coming up it’s just a wreck. People in my house like to bake, and I like to eat those baked goods.


But no more! I need to turn over a new leaf, it’s going to be hard though, really hard. I’m going to need everyone to bane together, say a little chant, maybe do a little prayer. Send all those good vibes to me.

That is me asking, not demanding. It’s not like I have Jedi powers and am controlling you by saying “You will support me.” Or do I? Muhahahahaha

So let “Nearly Less of Wes” begin.


13 thoughts on “Nearly Less of Wes

    • That is great to hear! I love how supportive this community is. I also feel I can rely on some people to keep me in line if I sway away.
      I’ve been really into rhymes tonight I guess..

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