Winter Is Coming

It was freezing last night at work and when I walked outside my car was frosted over. I really should have anticipated this, but I was naive, NAIVE I SAY!

I wanted to believe it would never find us here ever again, but this is New York, we can’t have nice things here. After last year I thought to myself that “Nothing could be as bad as this.” I was probably right, second and third place are still up for grabs though. It’ll happen at some point, something will snatch those spots up.

What am I talking about? Well, snow of course.

It was only a little bit of snow last night, but I’ve already given up hope. The white chilled blanket of death shall consume me and all my sorrows, I shall accept this future graciously and not fight it. WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME!

Yep, I’d say those acting classes are paying off. Best one hundred dollars I ever did spend.

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