Less of Wes: Day 1

I meant to wake up at nine today, ended up waking up at ten-thirty.

Sue me! Actually no…I don’t have money, scratch that. We’ll work on getting up earlier, first days always have glitches.

I ended up going to the gym late after all of the car situations and my own loan payment planning. When I got to the gym a class was happening and tons of people were there. My only thought was, “This is just my luck.”

I pressured on through and did twenty minutes of treadmill activity followed by a ten minutes of a stair master. Who doesn’t like climbing stairs! *yay fake enthusiasm*

After all that cardio I decided to go on doing some weight lifting.

Honestly I was not smart enough to remember the names of the weight machines I used.

God this is a terrible first post for ‘Less of Wes’, I’ll get better.

I swear!

7 thoughts on “Less of Wes: Day 1

  1. I hate cardio, but love weights. Not the ones you do with machines, but with barbells, dumb bells, kettle bells. Helped me tone and lose weight quite fast.

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