Oh Look A Dragon.

Couldn’t think of a title. This post has nothing to do with dragons. I thought I saw one but it turned out to be a really obese pigeon. I walked over to him and told him all about ‘Less of Wes’ he flew away though. My dreams of owning an obese pigeon only to reform it back to proper size is ruined.

I’m disappointed and I’m going to sleep.

Remember: Obese pigeons take offense when you mistake them as dragons.



8 thoughts on “Oh Look A Dragon.

  1. Pigeons carry extra fat and fluff their feathers out in the winter to survive. A thin pigeon is a dead bird during the cold months. A thin human can be just as gross, it all depends on how they arrange their feathers.

  2. I hate pigeons. They tried to overthrow me and take over my house and I beat them to it. Now they just sit on the opposite balcony and give me the evil eye. I rather deal with a dragon (especially if it has the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch 😉 ) than these pigeons.

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