Punch Bug!

My oldest sister recently got her license.

On separate note, I have recently decided to stay off the roads from now on.  

The car that she got turned out to be a lemon, she got it from a dealership and half way home the check engine light popped on. Somehow she had turned into a volcano because she had the biggest meltdown. Everyone was able to talk her down to a gentle hot tub, still bubbling with panic, but it’s manageable.

It was a Volkswagen Bug that she wanted since she was a wee little thing. A plethora of codes shot on as we got it checked and today my father and I had to take it back to get fixed. I was the one driving it and can I just say, it was like driving an adult go cart. It was so damn light, but for some reason I still felt safe. The car had a nice safety rating and at least I felt I wouldn’t die.

That is very important, at least I felt I wouldn’t die. 

It was fun though, if you haven’t ever driven a Bug then I recommend it. As a guy, it was hilarious to see people look and smile (or laugh) and punch each other within their cars. This was probably accompanied by the person yelling “PUNCH BUG!”

If it wasn’t such a girly type of car I would totally own one.

Best. Go-Kart. Ever.

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