Elf It Up

I’m tired everyone, today is the first time I have tried to workout before work. So lets see how it goes. Will I make? Or will I die in the coffee shop and become a typical drama show scene. There is a part of me that is pushing for the latter.

“Subject is a white male who exerted himself too much in such a short time.” – Cop

Look give me some credit here at least I’m trying to be active rather than sit on the computer all day. I feel like you’re being really judgmental fake drama show cop.

I’m excited to come home tonight though, I love December because my household enjoys doing ‘Elf on the Shelf’. I am also game master this year so shits about to get real. This elf is in for the time of his life, or many days of torture…I don’t know. If at least one of his limbs aren’t torn off by new years, then I didn’t do my job properly.

Tonight I am thinking of scene that involves the elf trying to reach something extremely high.

Will the elf survive? Or will he plummet to his death?

We will find out next time on ‘Toy Maker or Breaker’

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