Less of Wes: Day 4

It’s going down now!

We are firing up our engines and speeding on to success.

Starting Weight: 298

Weight Today: 296

What’s Up

I woke up around 11:30 today, I stayed up later than I should have. I was watching a few shows and was just happy I didn’t have to work till six at night. I got up though and started moving, I wanted to work off that turkey I ate yesterday. As well as that piece of lemon desert that tempted me to eat all the pie! Lemon desert is delicious, anyone who says it isn’t is obviously wrong.


I really only use a couple, since I am just starting out I don’t know much and I took the guidance of my step brother yesterday to heart. I use only two real big supplements and then a couple of different vitamins and what not.

C4 Sports: This is a pre-workout supplement that gives you a massive energy spike. I used it for the first time today and all I can say is, it works. I had so much energy in me that I finally got comfortable running on a treadmill, something that embarrassed me. I still had that energy within me, and I can still feel it even now. I went and saw my sister after my workout caused she worked right next door. I started talking to her boss and I was talking a mile a minute, many times I caught myself and had to be like “I apologize I just took this energy booster for working out.” She seemed to understand.

Or I just scared her into nodding her head slowly.

Price – 19.99 at Walmart

Whey Protein: I use this stuff post workout to give myself a heavy dose of protein after the workout. My step brother says to do half before and half after because you want that protein in your body the whole time. I’ll have to work on doing that. I usually shake it up in the care for a good minute and then just chug it. I got the strawberry kind because the chocolate and vanilla are bitter to me. Though I am told that it is cheaper to buy online, you can get more for less.

Price – 25.99 at Walmart

Other Supplements: Basic stuff like multivitamins and fish oil. Nothing drastic or anything. 😀


I started out on the treadmill going slow for about two minutes as a warm up. Because of the C4 though and the ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ playing in my ear I quickly had to go faster. I ran for about five minutes, but after that I was pretty done with cardio.

Running is the bane of my existence! I’ll get better at it though, I would love to get to the point where I could run a marathon!

I quickly went over to do my warm up for my lifting, I took two five pound dumbbells and did simple stretches and movement. I don’t know the names of the movement except for windmill…I’ll learn, it’s only day four people! Give me a break!

*Kit Kat commercial gets stuck in head*

*Wes goes through the five stages of depression cause he can’t have one*

Workout Duration: 45 minutes approximately


I’m tired and I have to work soon, this is gonna suck. POWER THROUGH!!!

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