Less of Wes: Day 5…and Stuff

Starting Weight: 297

Weight Now: 294

I found three pounds to be gone already to be a bit far fetched, so I went on another scale…and then another. All of them said 294 and only swayed by the point decimal.

What’s Up!

Guess what guys, I’m late…Yea, yea, you don’t need to remind me, I already know. I got called into work early today and threw my whole schedule into the grinder. (Good Burger…anyone…) I ended up having to go to the gym after work which meant being there late at night. Now I’m not afraid of the dark, nor am I afraid of being out alone at night, but I swear I kept hearing stuff while I was there. I kept checking behind me, just in case some knife wielding psychopath snuck up on me in the thirty second timeframe I was looking away. They’re tricky little bastards.


Ten minutes on treadmill.

Twenty minute “Beginner Shred” video (it hurt me! Evil shred video!)

Twenty minutes on various weight machines. (I really need to write down their freaking names!)

And guys you know me, I love me my punching bag. I spent about an extra ten minutes just hitting it. I should think about boxing, it sound fun.


I’m tired, but what new. I missed out on Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” which really eerks me. It’s being hosted this week by Pavowski…try saying that five times fast. I just thought about how you can say Wes for days and it’ll be fine. So I’m breaking the rules stuff happened and I get to pull my guilt free card here.

I have like these points from Linda, I got them awhile ago, it was when I first met her. She told me to tell her when I was going to spend them, I decided to spend some on the card.

It’s funny to my how stuff is such a broad term and can really point to anything. When someone asks “What are you doing?” and the person says “Stuff” it really gets me curious. What kind of stuff?

Are you reading?

Are you watching television?

Are you murdering some poor bastard who went to the gym late at night?


5 thoughts on “Less of Wes: Day 5…and Stuff

  1. That was quite a Stream of consciousness there Wes 😛
    Well… I use stuff, when I want to let others know that I have got something going on, but not ready to reveal it yet. Keep the suspense going you know!

    And good going with the punching bag…

  2. “Stuff” is almost always a nicer way of saying “sh*t” in my case. But that’s kinda the draw, innit? It’s a buffer word that could stand in for anything. Problem is, it’s a buffer word that could stand for anything. So when I’m murdering poor gym-goers, and somebody asks me what I’m doing, and I say “stuff,” and they ask “what stuff,” well, now I have two bodies to dispose of, don’t I?

    On an unrelated note, good times at the gym.

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