Less of Wes: Day 6 STOP YELLING LEGS!!!

I am sore, and I blame that shred video from yesterday. I wouldn’t be able to do anything even if I wanted to. Closing up Dunkin Donuts tonight was bad enough, and that was before I got locked out of the place.

Oh yes, a ‘Dunkin Tales’ is coming tomorrow.

So today rather than punish myself more I took a relax day and will pick up everything tomorrow, hopefully my legs will no longer be screaming at me. I am noticing tiny changes even though that are slight in definition. I picked up a box full of coffee today and it was like picking up a pillow, well maybe I am over exaggerating.

You can try and sue me for it…but all I have is a pack of gum, some protein powder, and the coolest blog ever!

You can have everything but the blog.

I just wanted to fill you all in rather than leave you all hanging, like I hate when I try and give a high five and the other person just isn’t into it. It’s like why are we even friends?

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