Dunkin Tales: My First Break In

First off we might as well point out that both my coworker and I, are idiots. We accepted this the moment we heard the store door close. Why were we both outside doing the trash, well coworker had the cardboard and I had the heavy trash bags. It’s called teamwork people! With bad luck as terrible as this though I could only assume that I accidently spilt salt somewhere, or coworker spent their free time smashing mirrors.

We were almost out too, we had maybe five minutes left of work before we could close up. Coworker had their phone on them thankfully, and the fact that my manager lives right around the corner is helpful as well. My manager actually lives like one street away from my own, which in my opinion sucks big biscuits.

Coworker wasted no time texting manager, but we both knew it was a long shot. It was almost ten thirty and they had to wake up at four to open, so if manager did answer I was almost one hundred percent certain coworker and I would both be fired for stupidity.

I wouldn’t even blame them. I would simply nod my head understandingly and walk away.

So let’s make a list.

  1. It’s cold.
  2. It’s late.
  3. Both coworker and I are crying.
  4. Number three is a lie, it was too cold to cry.
  5. I’m pretty sure I already stated this, but here it is again. We’re stupid.

Whilst among the stupidity, there came a glowing brilliant moment, coworker was getting ready to call manager and I jumped and yelled “Stop!” I proceeded to turn and walk away without saying a word, why did I do this? I’m not quite sure, I am thankful though that coworker knew exactly what I was thinking. We walked around the building finding ourselves at the drive through window. I applaud myself in the fact that I always forget to lock the sucker, and as I pulled it open I sat there worried about how easy it was to do.

Imagine if some psychopath comes running up to it, the window is about as much protection as a broken condom. I pushed the feelings aside though because I was simply thankful that there was in fact, a way inside. Luckily for us, coworker is tiny and could easily fit through the window. I have yet to get to the point where I’m comfortable enough to stuff my big self through a tiny window. That is the dream though…right? Essentially I ran around the building and coworker opened the door for me.

Yea that’s right! We broke into our own store!

It wasn’t until afterwards that I was actually thankful that no cops were around, because the whole scene screamed suspicious activity.

Lesson Learned: Always lock the drive through window last. It could possibly save your freezing butt one day.

3 thoughts on “Dunkin Tales: My First Break In

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