Less of Wes: Day 7

What’s Up

Remember in high school when a couple would make big deal about every single dust particle they walked through together. If you were friends with them then at some point you would hear something ridiculous like “It’s our one-week anniversary.”

Everyone around them would all of the sudden be in the ‘I don’t give a crap o’clock time zone.”

Well that is how I felt today, I was happy that I had made it a week of eating healthy. I even on Thanksgiving where I was sure I would crack under the pressure or a twenty-four-pound turkey. I prevailed though, crying about how I couldn’t eat any pie though, but we won’t talk about that.



For some reason I still feel a bit sore from the other day, I’m not sure if I did something wrong or my body is protesting this ‘healthy living’. I mean I’m sure it’s pissed off, I spent twenty-one year’s feeding its gluttony for sweets and greasy foods. Though I’ve accepted that it is time to get my act together, I’m sure my body will understand one day.

I went to the gym anyways though, because one rest day was good enough for me. I’m happy that going to the gym is actually exciting for me, rather than it becoming a drag like I thought it would be.

I walked a mile on the treadmill at a sturdy incline. There were a ton of people there today, so insecure me didn’t want to run at all. After that I did a steady mile on the stair-master getting my heart rate up.

After my cardio which only took up about twenty minutes I went to about five of the weight machines. In total I did about two reps of ten each machine. Today the gym was just packed with people for some reason, I was going to write down all of the weight equipment’s names. I’ll have to do it tomorrow since I am going in for a consultation with one of the personal trainers. I’m hoping he will help steer me in the right direction

I still feel as though I am not doing enough at the gym when I go, but at least I am going. It’s better than sitting on my butt at home.


One thought on “Less of Wes: Day 7

  1. Take it nice and slow Wes and always listen to your body 🙂 I have had injuries just because I over did it sometimes and it only slows you down later. Its been a week since I have been to the gym and I am sincerely (and with some dread) looking forward to it today. Keep it up!

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