Less of Wes: Day 8 Routine.

Starting Weight: 297

Weight Now: 293

What’s Up!

So I woke up bright and early today and went to the gym, I had an appointment with the trainer there and he was going to help me with setting up a routine. I brought my bag, but I must have taken out my shorts on accident. I was in jeans everyone! I worked out in jeans! He was like do you want to go get them, I was like nah man I’ll just suffer like this.

It wasn’t that terrible, I could easily manage doing everything he needed me to. I would never do it again though, It’s very restrictive. I don’t even know why I was wearing jeans to the gym in the first place. I should have just put on shorts and dealt with the cold air I felt in the short walk to my car.


I figured out quite a few things today that will help me in the future.

My Steady HR is 141-166

My Drive HR is 167-182

My Max HR is 183-199

I did about twenty minutes on the treadmill, I spent a good amount of time in the steady range. I was in the drive range for a little over four minutes’ total. As for the max, I was only in that for a little over a minute total. I had to sprint to get to that range, but it was worth it. Sprinting in jeans is annoying.

I did three rounds of weights; in each round I did five different types of workouts.

(x10) Horse stance/squats

  • I held a twenty-five-pound weight with both hands while doing this.

(x10) Horse stance/Biceps

  • I squatted into the horse stance and proceeded to do bicep curls with weights.
  • I held one fifteen-pound weight in each hand while doing this.

(x10) Lunge

  • I moved forward dropping one knee as far to the ground as possible. I made sure to keep the foot in front on the ground completely. I screwed up a few times and picked up the heel a bit, but the instructor was like “Hey! Cut that shit out.” And I was all “God dammit heel! You’re embarrassing us.”
  • I held the fifteen-pound weights while doing this.

(x10) Horse stance/triceps

  • I squatted down into the horse stance and began to extend my arms down and behind myself.
  • I held the fifteen-pound weights while doing this.

(x10) Bent over row

  • I placed one of my knees onto a bench while extending the other leg, I placed one hand on the bench for support. I used my free hand to extend and retract my arm while using a weight, this simulated a rowing like feel to it.
  • I used a twenty-five-pound weight while doing this.



I feel really good being able to have a routine down on paper, I’m sure that as I go along I’ll add things and remove things. It is nice though to have a starting point, I don’t feel confused or lost as much anymore.

2 thoughts on “Less of Wes: Day 8 Routine.

  1. Routine on paper is the key to my training too. I never get serious till I plan it all out, then I become more committed to it. Happy for you with all the progress made. Onwards and upwards.

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