Less of Wes: Day 9 Better

What’s Up

I feel good about the routine I set up yesterday, but there was a different from how it all went down. Yesterday I had the trainer there to guide me, I didn’t have them this time, in fact he was helping someone next to me. I’m sure he kept looking over thinking “That isn’t what I taught him” or “You are doing it all wrong!”

First couple days on a routine should be exempt from judgement, I’m still trying to learn all the new work outs.


I did the same thing as yesterday except I went even harder on the treadmill, I mean I’m like ‘The Flash’ of heavy people!

  • Twenty minutes on the treadmill
  • Ten minutes on the stair master

3 sets of everything

  • Horse stance/squats x10
  • Horse stance/biceps x10
  • Horse stance/triceps x10
  • Lunge x10
  • Bent over row x10


I went to the gym at mid-day and there were like six people in there! Like why aren’t you all at work! This is why I go to the gym at night, it’s peaceful and I don’t have to worry about jacked people judging me!

Like why are you even here, you’ve won already, go home.

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