Giver or Receiver?

I am a fan of gift giving rather than gift receiving; I enjoy the look on people’s faces or the feeling of giving something to someone else. It’s purely selfish in the way that it makes me feel good about myself. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t accept presents, if you want to give me something I will take it. It’s a present, what do you expect? I’m only human!

I also suck at trying to decide what I actually want, when people ask me it’s as if a bomb went off in my head and my memory is just kaput. Throughout the year I see many things that I would like, I refrain from taking them because it’s just not worth it. Though when the time of year where people actually want to buy me things comes around, well, my brain just sucks.

Recently I was asked by a friend what I would want for Christmas, I mentioned that I would like a Barnes and Nobles gift card because I would actually use it. They shrugged it off and thought it was (in their words) too boring of a gift.

We aren’t friends anymore…I’m kidding…

We were never friends. BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMM

What do you like more? Receiving or giving gifts?

11 thoughts on “Giver or Receiver?

  1. Giving gifts! Someone love that. Am awkward with receiving them 🙂
    I am willing to gift you a B & N gift card if you still need it for this Christmas 😉

  2. I have not received many gifts in my lifetime. We are not a gift giving/receiving kind of people really. It’s all pretty new to me. But, we recently had to do a secret Santa for work, and I found it so hard trying to figure out what the person would like. I finally decided, now am nervous if she will like it or not. Just for that, the nerves and all, I would rather receive. But if she really loves it-It is something I made-then I will enjoy the art of giving a lot more.

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