Less of Wes: Frick Frack Patty Wack

Starting Weight: 296

Weight Now: 292

I honestly don’t why I said ‘frick frack patty wack’ it just seemed like a fun thing to say. 

It was…so I was right…yep…

Pretty much last Thursday and Friday I got my butt handed to me by my step sister. We went to the gym about two hours each day, one day was for upper body and then another was for legs. It was pretty fun, I forgot how much more enjoyable the gym is with another person to go with. I took the weekend off though, not because I wanted to, but I was working so much and I was tired. Sounds like an excuse…well…

It is. 

But let’s not focus on the negative, this is a positive space that we can all share in. I need to start writing down what I do at the gym right after I do it, it’s kind of like a dream. Ten minutes after you get home it fades from your memory. It’s why people who lose weight are so shocked to see the end result, “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!” and everyone is like “You’ve been going to the gym for like a year” and the person’s responds “Pish posh apple sauce.” 

What the hell is wrong with me today. 

Anyways, I went back to the gym at Monday night and then again on Tuesday. I relaxed on Wednesday because I had work and honestly probably ran like three miles in the place. It was busy, I need to go back again tonight. 

Will Wes go to the gym tonight, or will he decide to stay home and procrastinate. Find out next week on Dragon Bal…I mean…Less of Wes!


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