SoCS – Time of Surprises

This time of year for most is a time of joy and happiness. I’m not blind to this fact, I actually find myself joining in with it all. I do find myself looking over my shoulder for another surprise though. For my family at least this time is full of surprises, and I’m not talking like a present surprise. No, these surprises have been bad. 

Like eating an Oreo and finding it to be toothpaste in the middle. 

Like walking outside and finding a duck on your car. 

Like having to say hi to Al Pacino’s little friend. 


You know, the situation in life that make you realize what it’s all about, and that’s bullshit.


I forgot what I was talking about…


The past three Christmas’s haven’t been ideal, first there was my parents’ divorce, then the next was custody fighting, then the next one was a simple doozy. Let’s talk about it.


Last Christmas (I gave you my heart) was probably one of the most stressful ones I’ve ever experienced. Some of you actually know it, the ones who have been with me, the true NearlyFans…no? We’ll work on a name.

My father had a heart attack around last Christmas, it was extremely frightening, thankfully though he survived. He had his arteries clogged drastically, I don’t remember the percentages. What I do remember though is he had chest pains in a Walmart, and from what he has told me since, they were pretty severe. So what does he do? He goes to the hospital right! Well…well…if it was anyone else’s dad then probably. This is my Dad though and he came home and sat down on the couch.

We were all around him! He was having a heart attack while we talking about why reindeer’s are such douche bags!!!

It was a terrifying experiences knowing that if someone in the house wasn’t smart enough to take my father to the hospital, he would be dead now. I will always see them as the person who saved my father’s life, I am grateful to have such a person in my life.

So no surprises this year!

No clogged arteries!

No divorces!

No heart attacks!

My little sister Zoe hasn’t had a decent Christmas since she was nine, she is twelve now. So I suppose looking over my shoulder is more for her sake than for my own. 


Hope you all enjoyed, this has been apart of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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