Stalker Friend


I think we can all agree that being watched through the windows of your home at night would be rather creepy, to most it’s probably a fear. I sympathize with this fear because I never really allowed it to get to me until the ending of my last relationship. Now this was all sorts of screwed up and to this day I’m sure she thinks she did nothing wrong. She told me I was overreacting, and perhaps I had, but still they can go screw themselves.

If I had the texts still I would post them here, but since then I have changed phones and with that the messages got away. Be free messages!

So this dealt with a friend I had in high school and my last girlfriend, now the friend of which I talk about, I had not spoken with at least six months prior. My ex was hanging out with him as well as a couple other people, I was chilling in my room doing better things with my life. Out of nowhere though my friend starts to text me. I was sitting there minding my own business, little did I know shit was about to get real.

It started out normal, I mean he said ‘Hi’ I said ‘Sup’ and we just went from there. I had no idea that my ex was feeding him information about me, information that he could have never known. I didn’t even know they both hung out! It started getting weird after he told me my (insert color here) shirt looked nice. I thought maybe I had posted a picture on face book and forgot, or perhaps my girlfriend had posted a photo. I was like ‘Thanks bro, I like it too…it’s why I bought it.’

The conversation went on normal once again for a good hour, nighttime had ensued, and I’m assuming they were waiting for this. My house was empty, just my luck, and the game was about to begin. A game I was unaware we were playing, a game titled ‘Scare Wesley Till He Almost Calls The Cops’…it’s a working title.

The messages got stranger, randomly he said ‘I like that blow up bed of yours.’ At the time I didn’t have an actual bed, I was using a nice blowup bed. I loved that thing, it was like sleeping on a cloud, but this son of a bitch shouldn’t have known I had it. I bought it only  a month and a half before, and like I said, him and I had not spoken in a while. Our old conversations had cob webs on them and were now told in folklore, you know, they were pretty old.

Right from the beginning I am freaking out, I’m wondering how this dude knows this stuff, and the whole time this is happening I’m also texting my ex. She’s talking about how she is bored at home just watching some shows, so like a good boyfriend I believe her, I trust her. Obviously that was number one mistake, and I’m telling her how weird this is, and she is acting like she knows nothing.

Then he talked about how it was easy to see everything due to my lack of blinds, that one made my skin crawl. I was sitting in my bed right next to window, I didn’t want to look out of it because there was a chance someone’s face would be there. I live on the second floor though so the fear was making me stupid. I was like ‘Oh my god, he got a ladder, placed it against my house, and climbed up it.’ If you knew my friend though you would realize that he would never do that simply because ‘it was too much work.’

Guess who got blinds the very. next. day…me. I was taking no chances, the thought of someone looking in my window had been planted. A big huge tree of fear had now manifested and blinds allowed me to cover it, I was already afraid of toads and frogs, I did not need this. He mentioned later of how interesting the (enter show name here) was. He even talked about scenes I was watching, obviously I was talking to my ex about it.

I started freaking out I was yelling, I was probably crying at the time, I was alone in the house so I was allowed to weep before dying. My ex and my friend both texted me telling me it was all a joke and that she was just telling him stuff he could use to scare me. All I could think was ‘It’s not Halloween, it isn’t even close to April Fools, so what in the hell preempted this?’ When I was yelling at my ex she was yelling back at me about how I need to ‘calm down.’ Screw calming down though, if I had ever caught a grenade for her in the time of our relationship, I was throwing them at her in this moment.

That is my time I briefly thought I was being stalked, my ex and I broke up a few weeks after that, it was probably one of the many reasons it happened. Obviously she was a jerk, if you look in the dictionary next to the word there’s probably a picture of her. She’s probably sitting there eating some jerk chicken or whatever.

I also haven’t talked to that guy since that day…I’m obviously still planning my revenge.

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