Weekly Haiku Challenge: Change


What could you want from me?

I’m trying, but you don’t seem to see

The effort I put into us.

Somehow you don’t seem to trust,

That I did this for you.

I’m changing, so don’t worry

The old me gone in a hurry.

I need a new personality,

Breaking down my own mentality.

And all of this for you.

I’m learning, what not to do.

What I have to do to get through,

Those days where you just want to pout.

While I sit here and extremely doubt,

That I should be doing this for you.

It’s over, I can’t do this anymore.

Pieces scattered on the floor,

I can pick them up,

But keep the door shut.

I used to love you, but years of cracks.

Everything shattered, and we can’t go back.


Graveyard in my mind

Years of myself finding what?

A new, improved me?


Hope you all enjoyed the poem, as grim as it sounds it is supposed to convey a positive message.

This is all part of RonovanWrites ‘Weekly Haiku Challenge’ if you would all like to join this click right here .

6 thoughts on “Weekly Haiku Challenge: Change

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