Weekly Haiku Challenge: Infinite

An Infinity with You


The past, present, future.

I try to see the difference.

Every single instance,

I lose faith.

That this is a gift,

Not a curse.

Watching you die every time,

Places me in a vast world of misery.

I’m told I should be happy though,

Keep my frown below.

Clear from their faces.

At least, I get to spend

An infinity with you.


An Infinity of Misery


 I woke up in my bed.

Again…it happened again.

I failed to save you


Hope you all enjoyed, the poems are actually part of a story that I have been working on. My big resolution for this year is to AT LEAST get a first draft of this story finish. It’s a wonderful yet tragic story of a man trying to save a women, who just keeps on dying.

This is part of RonovanWrites “Weekly Haiku Challenge

6 thoughts on “Weekly Haiku Challenge: Infinite

  1. Interesting idea. A touch of time travel. You summarizes the longer version perfectly in the haiku. Best of luck in completing your story. Enjoyed reading your post.

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