Less of Wes…Sup!

Fat to Fit Before After Diet Weight Loss Success

Yea…we’re still doing this, for the most part I’ve kept up with the dieting, even during the holidays I was good about it. We can keep the confetti and streamers away until I reach a personal goal. I obviously haven’t been posting my progress, life during the holidays was chaotic and ever since new years…well I don’t have an excuse for that…global warming perhaps…? Lets talk about the progress I have made though.

The scale within my house was so damn wonky, I could take it to one area of the house and it’d say 300 then I’d take it to a completely different area and it would say 270. I like to think the latter was more true, but you can’t trust anything that’s as finicky as Taylor Swift is with relationships.

I bought a new scale and it told me 285, it was enough, I then went to my gym and it also said 285. I started this a couple months ago at 297, so twelve pounds have already come off. Β So technically I was fifteen pounds away from 300 and 270, so I mean one more pound away from being closer to 270.

8 thoughts on “Less of Wes…Sup!

  1. Awesome man, I am also on my own journey of getting back into shape… Except I had a shit day and I just ate ramen and two ice cream bars for dinner. Well, good luck to you. The almond one was better than the hazelnut one in case you were wondering (the ice cream bars)

    • Haha that happens though, since I started this I’ve gone up and down with my scehdule, it’s hard to keep it up sometimes. And the almond one is always better than the hazelnut one.

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