Friday Fiction: Eternity

Tick and tocks of essential time, sink the spirits lower than wine.


What makes eternity truly feel like eternity?

A life time? Two life times? I’ve asked myself this a hundred time and I’ve come up with one simple conclusions. It’s not a matter of how long, but a question of what for? To a person whose life amounts to nothing, a day could feel suffocating. Vice versa though, a person who lives their life to the full extent, can avoid the feeling much longer.

Yet these are just the thoughts of a man about to die, if you don’t pay them much attention I can understand. The alcohol I’ve been provided has helped numb my feeling of dread, perhaps it’ll trick my mind into thinking it’s simply another black out night. Maybe I’ll wake up with another one of those killer headaches…you don’t like the joke? I thought it was rather amusing.

The clock on the wall is ticking every second of my existence away, but it’s also doing the same for you. I’m sure you don’t mind though, I mean you have a tomorrow, and another Friday, hopefully another birthday. You have all of these things to still look forward to, so I’m sure the infernal ticking doesn’t bother you. It bothers me though…

What makes eternity truly feel like eternity? I’m sure I’m about to find out.


Hope you all enjoyed, this is my first time participating in Ronovan Writes “Friday Fictions

One thought on “Friday Fiction: Eternity

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