SoCS: Feeling Like A Stalker


I didn’t even have a hood!

What the hell…

I hate it when I end up having to walk behind a certain person for a significant amount of time. Like early today I went to a plaza that had many stores strewn about it, but I was looking for a certain store, I was looking for Home Goods. The place is filled with cool and fun things to add to one’s home, the only problem was the couple in front of me was also looking for it.

It was getting dark and honestly I didn’t help my own case because I was wearing all black as well. As I moved along the sidewalk keeping an appropriate distance away from the two I noticed something. The women kept turning her head back and eventually the guy did as well, get over yourselves!

“What makes you think your important enough for someone to stalk you?”

I kept trying to look at my phone, but once I noticed the looks I couldn’t stop raising my head. I must have made eye contacts with the man and women at least twice. I didn’t want to wave or give a big old smile because I thought it would be creepy. When we finally ended up in Home Goods they went the way I wanted to go, I was like fuck it! I went the opposite way just so they could probably sigh in relief.

I know that I sometimes freak out when a car is following me for a significant amount of time, I can’t imagine how weird it would be to feel like you were being followed on foot. So the couple I had to follow to get to my destination, if you’re reading this, I apologize.

I just wanted to buy some cool stuff from Home Goods, I hope to never run into either of you ever again.

I should end with a word that starts with ‘W’…so…wallaby


Hopefully you all enjoyed my misfortune that I had to endure. This was all part of Linda G Hill’s ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s

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