Screw You Larry

We have vegans and vegetarians within the human race, and for some reason they all find a need to make an emphasis on that fact. There is always some annoying douche canoe named Jake who simply comes up out of the blue judging your eating habits. “Are you really eating that.”

“Why yes I am Jake, would you like some? I’ll gladly shove it in your mouth so you’ll SHUT UP!”

Look it’s not Jake’s fault that he is like that, it’s simply bad genetics I’m sure. We can blame his parents for all of this.

Put that aside for a moment though and think how it would be if animals did this kind of crap. Like some bird is out there like…


Larry the Canary doesn’t screw off though, like any other annoyance in life he just simply tries to prove that his way of life is the right way. He talks about how he saw Charles eating from a bird feeder once and now he only has one wing. Sure he could have gotten it shot off by dick human, but the bird feeder thing sounds more plausible.

Charles doesn’t seem to worry about what other birds are talking about, he is simply worried about flying in circles for the rest of his life.

Because he’s getting really fucking dizzy.

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