Weekly Haiku Challenge: Broken Trust



I see him in the background.

I hope the thrill was worth it,

As you fooled around.

You’re such a hypocrite.

Tell me I’m to blame,

I should have fought for this more.

What happen to our flame?

I’m walking out that door

I’m sorry,

This is my final goodbye.

Our love is simply dying.




The thrill of your lust

Has lost you all of my trust

Final break in us


My poetry is pretty bleak and depressing, the funny thing is I went in to try and write a funny poem and came out with this.

Anyways…this has all been apart of RonovanWrites ‘Weekly Haiku Challenge‘ Go and check it out.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Haiku Challenge: Broken Trust

  1. Great storytelling again this week. I think using trill as a prompt word kind of had some people naturally rhyme it with thrill and that led you down that final road. But you didn’t write about birds. 🙂 Although maybe you did. Who knows.

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