When Sneezing Is Enough

So I sneezed the other day into my arm and thought, “Well shit, I can dance now.” I’m only twenty one and I have no idea what kids in high school are doing. Like how did this ‘Dab Dance’ become a thing?

I can’t really say too much because when I was in high school YOLO and SWAG were the big sayings…fucking SWAG…

People with allergies will be happy, they should be the best dabbers…dabbers? Out there. Let’s show some proof.


Apparently that’s ‘The Dab’


And this is someone sneezing into their arm…so to be fair I found the most dabbish looking sneeze I could. So lets try again.


The Dab.


Someone sneezing into their arm.

In my opinion the nurse is doing a fabulous job at learning the new dance move.

4 thoughts on “When Sneezing Is Enough

  1. he he he… Well, I do that very often. And with the change in the weather, I will be doing more. I guess if I add a little more sway and put my other arm a little out, it would look like nice step , dab step.

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