Friday Fiction: A Chance to Heaven


Song: ‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart’ by Chris Cornell

“Every time I stare into the sun, I used to get this surge of protection. I don’t have that anymore, not here.” Miles spoke softly towards Emily. The sun seemed different there, in the new setting Miles had found himself. Of course it stayed the same as before, but still he felt as if it were a dream. If he pinched himself the sun would suddenly disappear leaving the world in a sudden darkness. Miles didn’t dare pinch himself for that very reason, even in the daylight danger loomed now. Before this, before everything, light was assumed to be a safety net. One that would not only protect, but also repel the ones that meant harm. Much like a blanket to a little child though, it was easily ripped away with the harsh tug of reality.

Every sound seemed to threaten his own existence, yet almost all of them proved to be no threat at all. The wind perhaps ruffling through the trees just a little too roughly, leaves flew across the ground making a noise that remarkably sounded like footsteps. The stress had already been getting to Miles and it had been no longer than ten minutes. Ten minutes since his life…well death…changed forever. Could they succeed? Could Miles truly keep Emily safe?

Would they both survive Purgatory?


This was part of RonovanWrites ‘Friday Fiction‘ hope you all enjoyed.

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