I’m Back!


Look I need you all to contain your excitement, I was going to come back yesterday but I didn’t want to steal Jesus’s thunder…

Don’t try and act like you don’t care because I know you do.

Basically I got a new job, like a real job people, a big boy job. No more dealing with customer service, I am now part of a pharmaceutical company called Unither.

Again, I need you to contain the excitement. I know you probably have questions and concerns for why I’ve been gone for about two months.

Lets leave that for later though because I need something from all of you. It’s not for me but for someone else. Someone out there wants to get to 125 followers and I think we could easily get her there. If we try, if we close our eyes and wish it!

We all like food, I know we do and if you want some good recipes to try out then hop over to Sass and Sauce. Not only does she have awesome recipes to try out, but she’s also an awesome person who deserves way more than 125 followers. I mean heck she probably deserve more than the number of followers I have even. She’s awesome, funny, sassy, and entertaining all around. Solid 11/10 so I mean…that’s pretty impressive…just saying.


28 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Woohoo!!! (sorry, couldn’t the excitement, inspite of you tell us to slow it down 😉 )
    Congratulations Wes! That is some awesome news! All the very best. I bet you will still have some amazing stories to tell 🙂

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