Why Would I Wear Black?


When I was younger I had found myself being bullied for multiple things, it could range from weight, to my face, to the fact that I didn’t have any of those sweet Heelys. (Thanks mom and dad) Now I honestly wasn’t huge in middle school, I was a bit bulkier than most guys, but that was about it. I’m sure if you created a scale of my age and then the height I was at the time I would only be a little bit over normal. Middle school though, is a time where everyone is an asshole. When I say everyone I do mean EVERYONE…that includes you, me, and that nice guy Johnny who is kind to everyone. (What are you planning Johnny?)

It wasn’t until the cold weather today and my inability to take a proper shower due to poor time management skills that I was reminded of a special time. See I have dandruff, and throughout the years I have learned to keep it under control. Yet on days like today, and times like middle school, that I’m reminded of Ally Sheedy’s character from The Breakfast Club. You all know what scene I’m talking about.

So let me paint a picture, and forgive me in advance because well a dog could paint better than I. It’s about seventh grade so I’m thirteen at the time so the year would be 2008, and look at that I did math! I’m sitting in my homeroom class ready to start yet another wonderful day within the middle school life. I’m wearing a black jacket and word of advise to any kid reading this with bad dandruff…don’t wear black…it’s like our kryptonite.

This girl…lets call her B, now I like to think that the B stands for something other than her actual name, but that’s just angry middle school me talking. B is sitting behind me and I am dealing with my embarrassing dandruff at the moment. I’m wearing black as I said earlier (Why. Would. You. Wear. Black.) so she can see the flakes of dandruff as clearly as anything. Now all I hear come from her is “Ew what is that?” pointing at my coat, now at first I was like ‘Oh shit I have a bug on me’ but I quickly realized that was not the case.

Now I’m getting red because back then I got embarrassed rather easily, well hell, I still get embarrassed rather easily. I’m internally crumbling because at the moment I simply wanted to disappear, but reality doesn’t allow that type of stuff. Everyone is laughing pointing at me and I am on the point of tears, no one likes being laughed at. Right before I was about to though someone stood up, not to further my humiliation, but to come to my rescue. He simply said “It’s simply dead skin.” Not a good start…”You have it, I have it, they have it. Get over it.” At least they stuck the landing. I was appreciative at them helping me out, I became friends with them quickly after.

We all have problems, whether it be weight, social awkwardness, or simply dandruff, and there are times where we feel alone because of them. There are times where it seems like because of those things, we are exiled from other people. That isn’t the case, because despite the problems you have, despite what you think holds you back. Know that there are always people that will accept you, there is always someone out there who would love to be your friend.

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