SoCS: A Plethora of Zoos…Zoo’s?


Oh look at that I’m an hour late, well my god it still works except now the second S stands for Sunday. We can yell at me another time I suppose, Linda be merciful I already have three sisters I get yelled at a lot already. 

I’ve been to a wide range of zoo’s from Chicago to Virginia, I know those two places aren’t exactly far compared to saying “From New York to California” BUT IT’S WHERE I’VE BEEN!

I haven’t exactly been very far…

There have been plenty of zoo’s though, in each state I go to I always feel the need to go to one of that states zoo’s. Why do I do this? You might ask, I don’t know! Would probably be my answer. Perhaps I’m silently judging the state on it’s quality of zoo, like Chicago’s is surprisingly nice. Terrible pizza, but great zoo, so it even itself out. (I live in New York I think liking deep dish pizza here is against the law.)

I only really go to the zoo to see the otters, they’re my favorite animal and they should also be your favorite as well. Look here is a picture of some otters.


Otters are known to hold hands while doing activities such as eating or sleeping to prevent floating away from one another. Now isn’t that adorable!

I once knew this person who’s favorite animal was an ostrich…you can’t trust that kind of person.

P.S If you like deep dish pizza or your favorite animal is an ostrich then we can’t be friends.

P.S.S I’m kidding about the pizza part, all pizza should be loved!!! But I’m like 100% serious about that ostrich thing…O.O I’m watching you.

Linda G Hill ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday

3 thoughts on “SoCS: A Plethora of Zoos…Zoo’s?

  1. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show ‘Steven Universe’ (yeah, Cartoon Network is required viewing in my home), but your pizza comments reminded me of something from that show…

    “Square pizza? What is wrong with this place?”
    “Son, there will come a time in your life when you’ll learn to accept all pizza.”

  2. I’m from Chicago, and I’m not very fond of deep-dish pizza. The neighborhood pizzerias usually do thin-crust, although maybe not as thin as you’d like. But then, I’ve been in New York, and it isn’t that thin there, either.

    Did you get to Brookfield Zoo when you were in Chicago? That’s a nice one as well.

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