Books, Beer, and Bullshit Pricing


I never have anything to talk about. It’s the main reason I don’t post anything on this site. This is mainly due to the fact that I rarely do anything. I’m 110% introvert and with that comes a cloud of anxiety towards talking to people. I suck at making friends out in the real world, my idea of fun is going the Barnes and Nobles to look at books. Hardly anyone who goes to Barnes and Nobles wants to talk to anyone else. Because it’s a bookstore, the same rules that apply to libraries apply there…it just makes your bank account sad after words. WHAT BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!! That makes spending forty bucks way more reasonable!

*Side Note: Why are “Teen Fiction” novels like 10-13 dollars a piece and “Adult Fiction” novels are closer to 20+…feels like some bullshit*

So because of this being my normal free-time activity it’s hard for me to forge relationships. I’m not a big bar hopper, unless I’m with a group of people AND GUESS WHAT! Have I finally got a story for you.

The main people I become friends with are my work friends, because they are forced to interact with me muhahaha. Somehow, in some magic voodoo way, I don’t weird them out. They are all pretty awesome, they are what makes my job fun at times. They are also…insane. This only pertains to some of them, and they probably know who they are. This post goes straight to Facebook so “Hello…everybody…” *cough*

I never really went out with most of them on a huge scale until last night, a group of us went to a couple of bars and eventually a drag show. It was all rather interesting, I drank way to much and did a couple of stupid things. But I can use the “I’m sorry I was just really drunk.” excuse right? Some of the night is slightly foggy to me, but that’s fine, I’ve only done that a couple of times.

You know I’m at the end of this post and I’m realizing that this isn’t even a good story, I’m getting back into it though. I’m actually going to be changing the name of the blog soon, hopefully you all will like the change. I also hope I get more motivation to write for you all, because it may not seem like it, but I enjoy talking to all of you that read and comment. Thank you.

I’ll get better at telling stories again I promise.

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