Less of Wes…Sup!

Fat to Fit Before After Diet Weight Loss Success

Yea…we’re still doing this, for the most part I’ve kept up with the dieting, even during the holidays I was good about it. We can keep the confetti and streamers away until I reach a personal goal. I obviously haven’t been posting my progress, life during the holidays was chaotic and ever since new years…well I don’t have an excuse for that…global warming perhaps…? Lets talk about the progress I have made though.

The scale within my house was so damn wonky, I could take it to one area of the house and it’d say 300 then I’d take it to a completely different area and it would say 270. I like to think the latter was more true, but you can’t trust anything that’s as finicky as Taylor Swift is with relationships.

I bought a new scale and it told me 285, it was enough, I then went to my gym and it also said 285. I started this a couple months ago at 297, so twelve pounds have already come off.  So technically I was fifteen pounds away from 300 and 270, so I mean one more pound away from being closer to 270.

Less of Wes: Frick Frack Patty Wack

Starting Weight: 296

Weight Now: 292

I honestly don’t why I said ‘frick frack patty wack’ it just seemed like a fun thing to say. 

It was…so I was right…yep…

Pretty much last Thursday and Friday I got my butt handed to me by my step sister. We went to the gym about two hours each day, one day was for upper body and then another was for legs. It was pretty fun, I forgot how much more enjoyable the gym is with another person to go with. I took the weekend off though, not because I wanted to, but I was working so much and I was tired. Sounds like an excuse…well…

It is. 

But let’s not focus on the negative, this is a positive space that we can all share in. I need to start writing down what I do at the gym right after I do it, it’s kind of like a dream. Ten minutes after you get home it fades from your memory. It’s why people who lose weight are so shocked to see the end result, “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!” and everyone is like “You’ve been going to the gym for like a year” and the person’s responds “Pish posh apple sauce.” 

What the hell is wrong with me today. 

Anyways, I went back to the gym at Monday night and then again on Tuesday. I relaxed on Wednesday because I had work and honestly probably ran like three miles in the place. It was busy, I need to go back again tonight. 

Will Wes go to the gym tonight, or will he decide to stay home and procrastinate. Find out next week on Dragon Bal…I mean…Less of Wes!


Less of Wes: Mayhem

I decided to stop doing this thing daily, rather I’ll do this on a weekly basis. It’s easier for me, better for you, because instead of worrying about getting ‘Less of Wes’ out I can actually focus on producing funny stuff. You know, the stuff this blog is all about. So stay tuned and every week I will be posting an update on ‘Less of Wes’. This is going to make it easier to see improvements and what not.

So what have I been up to. Well my step sister came to visit and honestly it was awesome/torture. I had been going to the gym for two weeks before seeing her, but I was going for 45 mins at a time. Obviously that wasn’t good enough for her, because we ended up going for two hours for two days in a row. Did it kill me? Did I die? Not as badly as I thought I would.

I’m sure if she put me through her actually workout routine I would have probably passed out, but alas she was kind to me. Wall sits were the worst though…I hated those things.

I’ll have everything I did written up for you all on Thursday, I actually have the day off of work and will have the time to do it.

See you then.

Less of Wes: Day 9 Better

What’s Up

I feel good about the routine I set up yesterday, but there was a different from how it all went down. Yesterday I had the trainer there to guide me, I didn’t have them this time, in fact he was helping someone next to me. I’m sure he kept looking over thinking “That isn’t what I taught him” or “You are doing it all wrong!”

First couple days on a routine should be exempt from judgement, I’m still trying to learn all the new work outs.


I did the same thing as yesterday except I went even harder on the treadmill, I mean I’m like ‘The Flash’ of heavy people!

  • Twenty minutes on the treadmill
  • Ten minutes on the stair master

3 sets of everything

  • Horse stance/squats x10
  • Horse stance/biceps x10
  • Horse stance/triceps x10
  • Lunge x10
  • Bent over row x10


I went to the gym at mid-day and there were like six people in there! Like why aren’t you all at work! This is why I go to the gym at night, it’s peaceful and I don’t have to worry about jacked people judging me!

Like why are you even here, you’ve won already, go home.

Less of Wes: Day 8 Routine.

Starting Weight: 297

Weight Now: 293

What’s Up!

So I woke up bright and early today and went to the gym, I had an appointment with the trainer there and he was going to help me with setting up a routine. I brought my bag, but I must have taken out my shorts on accident. I was in jeans everyone! I worked out in jeans! He was like do you want to go get them, I was like nah man I’ll just suffer like this.

It wasn’t that terrible, I could easily manage doing everything he needed me to. I would never do it again though, It’s very restrictive. I don’t even know why I was wearing jeans to the gym in the first place. I should have just put on shorts and dealt with the cold air I felt in the short walk to my car.


I figured out quite a few things today that will help me in the future.

My Steady HR is 141-166

My Drive HR is 167-182

My Max HR is 183-199

I did about twenty minutes on the treadmill, I spent a good amount of time in the steady range. I was in the drive range for a little over four minutes’ total. As for the max, I was only in that for a little over a minute total. I had to sprint to get to that range, but it was worth it. Sprinting in jeans is annoying.

I did three rounds of weights; in each round I did five different types of workouts.

(x10) Horse stance/squats

  • I held a twenty-five-pound weight with both hands while doing this.

(x10) Horse stance/Biceps

  • I squatted into the horse stance and proceeded to do bicep curls with weights.
  • I held one fifteen-pound weight in each hand while doing this.

(x10) Lunge

  • I moved forward dropping one knee as far to the ground as possible. I made sure to keep the foot in front on the ground completely. I screwed up a few times and picked up the heel a bit, but the instructor was like “Hey! Cut that shit out.” And I was all “God dammit heel! You’re embarrassing us.”
  • I held the fifteen-pound weights while doing this.

(x10) Horse stance/triceps

  • I squatted down into the horse stance and began to extend my arms down and behind myself.
  • I held the fifteen-pound weights while doing this.

(x10) Bent over row

  • I placed one of my knees onto a bench while extending the other leg, I placed one hand on the bench for support. I used my free hand to extend and retract my arm while using a weight, this simulated a rowing like feel to it.
  • I used a twenty-five-pound weight while doing this.



I feel really good being able to have a routine down on paper, I’m sure that as I go along I’ll add things and remove things. It is nice though to have a starting point, I don’t feel confused or lost as much anymore.

Less of Wes: Day 7

What’s Up

Remember in high school when a couple would make big deal about every single dust particle they walked through together. If you were friends with them then at some point you would hear something ridiculous like “It’s our one-week anniversary.”

Everyone around them would all of the sudden be in the ‘I don’t give a crap o’clock time zone.”

Well that is how I felt today, I was happy that I had made it a week of eating healthy. I even on Thanksgiving where I was sure I would crack under the pressure or a twenty-four-pound turkey. I prevailed though, crying about how I couldn’t eat any pie though, but we won’t talk about that.



For some reason I still feel a bit sore from the other day, I’m not sure if I did something wrong or my body is protesting this ‘healthy living’. I mean I’m sure it’s pissed off, I spent twenty-one year’s feeding its gluttony for sweets and greasy foods. Though I’ve accepted that it is time to get my act together, I’m sure my body will understand one day.

I went to the gym anyways though, because one rest day was good enough for me. I’m happy that going to the gym is actually exciting for me, rather than it becoming a drag like I thought it would be.

I walked a mile on the treadmill at a sturdy incline. There were a ton of people there today, so insecure me didn’t want to run at all. After that I did a steady mile on the stair-master getting my heart rate up.

After my cardio which only took up about twenty minutes I went to about five of the weight machines. In total I did about two reps of ten each machine. Today the gym was just packed with people for some reason, I was going to write down all of the weight equipment’s names. I’ll have to do it tomorrow since I am going in for a consultation with one of the personal trainers. I’m hoping he will help steer me in the right direction

I still feel as though I am not doing enough at the gym when I go, but at least I am going. It’s better than sitting on my butt at home.


Less of Wes: Day 6 STOP YELLING LEGS!!!

I am sore, and I blame that shred video from yesterday. I wouldn’t be able to do anything even if I wanted to. Closing up Dunkin Donuts tonight was bad enough, and that was before I got locked out of the place.

Oh yes, a ‘Dunkin Tales’ is coming tomorrow.

So today rather than punish myself more I took a relax day and will pick up everything tomorrow, hopefully my legs will no longer be screaming at me. I am noticing tiny changes even though that are slight in definition. I picked up a box full of coffee today and it was like picking up a pillow, well maybe I am over exaggerating.

You can try and sue me for it…but all I have is a pack of gum, some protein powder, and the coolest blog ever!

You can have everything but the blog.

I just wanted to fill you all in rather than leave you all hanging, like I hate when I try and give a high five and the other person just isn’t into it. It’s like why are we even friends?

Less of Wes: Day 5…and Stuff

Starting Weight: 297

Weight Now: 294

I found three pounds to be gone already to be a bit far fetched, so I went on another scale…and then another. All of them said 294 and only swayed by the point decimal.

What’s Up!

Guess what guys, I’m late…Yea, yea, you don’t need to remind me, I already know. I got called into work early today and threw my whole schedule into the grinder. (Good Burger…anyone…) I ended up having to go to the gym after work which meant being there late at night. Now I’m not afraid of the dark, nor am I afraid of being out alone at night, but I swear I kept hearing stuff while I was there. I kept checking behind me, just in case some knife wielding psychopath snuck up on me in the thirty second timeframe I was looking away. They’re tricky little bastards.


Ten minutes on treadmill.

Twenty minute “Beginner Shred” video (it hurt me! Evil shred video!)

Twenty minutes on various weight machines. (I really need to write down their freaking names!)

And guys you know me, I love me my punching bag. I spent about an extra ten minutes just hitting it. I should think about boxing, it sound fun.


I’m tired, but what new. I missed out on Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” which really eerks me. It’s being hosted this week by Pavowski…try saying that five times fast. I just thought about how you can say Wes for days and it’ll be fine. So I’m breaking the rules stuff happened and I get to pull my guilt free card here.

I have like these points from Linda, I got them awhile ago, it was when I first met her. She told me to tell her when I was going to spend them, I decided to spend some on the card.

It’s funny to my how stuff is such a broad term and can really point to anything. When someone asks “What are you doing?” and the person says “Stuff” it really gets me curious. What kind of stuff?

Are you reading?

Are you watching television?

Are you murdering some poor bastard who went to the gym late at night?


Less of Wes: Day 4

It’s going down now!

We are firing up our engines and speeding on to success.

Starting Weight: 298

Weight Today: 296

What’s Up

I woke up around 11:30 today, I stayed up later than I should have. I was watching a few shows and was just happy I didn’t have to work till six at night. I got up though and started moving, I wanted to work off that turkey I ate yesterday. As well as that piece of lemon desert that tempted me to eat all the pie! Lemon desert is delicious, anyone who says it isn’t is obviously wrong.


I really only use a couple, since I am just starting out I don’t know much and I took the guidance of my step brother yesterday to heart. I use only two real big supplements and then a couple of different vitamins and what not.

C4 Sports: This is a pre-workout supplement that gives you a massive energy spike. I used it for the first time today and all I can say is, it works. I had so much energy in me that I finally got comfortable running on a treadmill, something that embarrassed me. I still had that energy within me, and I can still feel it even now. I went and saw my sister after my workout caused she worked right next door. I started talking to her boss and I was talking a mile a minute, many times I caught myself and had to be like “I apologize I just took this energy booster for working out.” She seemed to understand.

Or I just scared her into nodding her head slowly.

Price – 19.99 at Walmart

Whey Protein: I use this stuff post workout to give myself a heavy dose of protein after the workout. My step brother says to do half before and half after because you want that protein in your body the whole time. I’ll have to work on doing that. I usually shake it up in the care for a good minute and then just chug it. I got the strawberry kind because the chocolate and vanilla are bitter to me. Though I am told that it is cheaper to buy online, you can get more for less.

Price – 25.99 at Walmart

Other Supplements: Basic stuff like multivitamins and fish oil. Nothing drastic or anything. 😀


I started out on the treadmill going slow for about two minutes as a warm up. Because of the C4 though and the ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ playing in my ear I quickly had to go faster. I ran for about five minutes, but after that I was pretty done with cardio.

Running is the bane of my existence! I’ll get better at it though, I would love to get to the point where I could run a marathon!

I quickly went over to do my warm up for my lifting, I took two five pound dumbbells and did simple stretches and movement. I don’t know the names of the movement except for windmill…I’ll learn, it’s only day four people! Give me a break!

*Kit Kat commercial gets stuck in head*

*Wes goes through the five stages of depression cause he can’t have one*

Workout Duration: 45 minutes approximately


I’m tired and I have to work soon, this is gonna suck. POWER THROUGH!!!

Less of Wes: Day 3

Thanksgiving…surrounded by great foods and what not, anyone would find it to be extremely tough. I am no different, there was a bucket load of tasty food that could possibly have been eaten. I swallowed my cravings and survived on vegetables and turkey. I’m still eating broccoli, at some point it has to taste better…right?

I didn’t go over to the gym because I want to spend time with my family rather than spend an hour and a half working out. I still did certain activity, I took my dog for a fifteen minute walk. I also ran up and down the stairs a few time. I need to really work on more strength training, at some point I will be able to do a significant amount of push ups.

It’s all progress, I’m also typing this while sitting with the rest of my family. It’s a special say though, so this ‘Less of Wes’ post is going to be a bit short. Hopefully you forgive me.