Song of my Sundays: Bastile


To me this song is about moving on from your past and not allowing it to hold you back in life. I was randomly listening to Pandora and this song came on, I was instantly hooked. I have heard a few of Bastille’s songs since they started making music, but I don’t understand how I missed this one.

What song do you think fits your Sunday?

Song Of My Sunday’s – Kettering

Some of you may know that Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” is my favorite poem of all time. I wanted to do something on my blog that payed tribute too that piece of work. I suck at poetry though, GO FIGURE, so I decided to take the title literally. So each Sunday I am going to be doing something new on my blog, something that maybe people would join. I don’t know.

I got new headphones recently and I can really hear the music, every note used, every sound erupting from the piece of art. It is simply amazing what great headphones can give you. These songs are of a wide range in genres and emotions, they are songs that really connect with me.

Sunday’s Song


This song has to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever come across. Warning the song is pretty sad, but it’s in a heart felt way. The song tells a story of a guy who is waiting and taking care of this person who is dying. Whether this person is a family member, a loved one, or just a friend is a bit unclear. I guess that is left to the persons imagination, the whole time the guy is taking care of them the person as well as the doctors are telling him to give up. He can’t give up on them though because the minute he walks out the door it’ll be the last time he sees them.

Within the song they use this terminology and call the dying person a “Hurricane Thundercalp” I know I had no idea what it was. I looked it up for you all, I know, I’m so nice.

Hurricane Thunderclap – A person who lives an intense and beautifully meaning filled life but dies in an unexpected and profound way due to some sort of personal err in physical, emotional or mental judgment.

Fun Fact: If the song makes you cry as it does to me, then here is something to brighten it up a tad bit.

The singer sound like Winnie the Pooh.